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Download private facebook videos online to computer

How to use Private downloader
Note: This method works in both mobile and computer, but to ensure that you are able to download any private Facebook video, please use it on computer and follow all steps.
Note: To download facebook videos using Private Facebook downloader, you must login to your Facebook on the web browser (Chrome, Firefox etc). And follow these 3 steps to successfully download the Facebook video.

You should login to Facebook on browser.

GetFbStuff.com will extract MP4 Video Links

Steps to download private facebook videos.

Watch this 50 seconds video to see how to download private facebook successfully. It's a very short video, but it will insure that you won't make any mistake while downloading private facebook videos.

Private Facebook Video Downloader

Facebook Private Video Downloader is an online video downloader which helps you to download private facebook videos online. You can download any facebook video using private Facebook video downloader. FB private video downloader downloads private videos in MP4 format in HD quality. It is a fast and easy to use private fb downloader. Please watch a 50 seconds video on how to download private Facebook videos.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is private Facebook video?

    If you are unable to download a facebook video using normal Facebook video downloader, then it is a private video.
    In technical words, privacy of some videos is set as private by the owner of the videos. Which means if you are able to see a video on your Facebook timeline, someone else might not be able to see the same video, due to the privacy settings.

  2. Can I download any Facebook video using private FB downloader?

    Yes, you can download any Facebook video using this Facebook private video downloader. If you are not sure if the facebook video is public or private, just follow the instructions mentioned above and download

  3. Why I'm unable to download facebook video using private video downloader?

    You might not be following correct steps to download private video. Or there might not be video links in the HTML code you are submitting. Please watch this video which shows step by step instruction to download private facebook videos.

  4. Is it necessary to follow all the steps mentioned above?

    Yes, you should follow each and every step carefully to download private facebook video.

  5. In which format private Facebook videos gets downloaded?

    All the facebook videos are in MP4 format.