What is Facebook Instant Articles

When you click on a link post from Facebook, usually you’re redirected to the content publisher’s site. It is never a good experience from your point when you jump sites. So Facebook has recently launched a new tool to avoid disrupt behaviour and you can view articles inside facebook itself. It is called Facebook Instant Articles. If your content publisher has created a instant article then you can easily read it without being taken to a different website.

How to create Facebook Instant Articles

Step 1: Sign up

The first step in getting started is to head here and sign up for Facebook Instant articles.

Step 2: Choose the Facebook page you want to publish with

Once you sign up, Facebook will ask you to choose which page you want to publish your Instant Articles to. Select your page.

Step 3: Claim your URL

This URL is going to serve as the basis of all your Instant Articles. It’s where on your website you publish content that you’ll eventually want to convert (for most it’s the blog).

Keep in mind, claiming this URL doesn’t mean that from here on out all the content you post within it will be published as an Instant Article. You’ll have to manually convert each one. To learn more about claiming URL’s click here.

Step 4: Submit articles

After your first batch of submitted articles has been approved by the team at Facebook, you’ll be able to begin publishing them to the social network.

To make converting to Instant easy, Facebook developed an all-in-one way for publishers to integrate their content with the new system. You can do it all from your CMS. You’ll have the option to:

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