What is Facebook Watch (fbwatch)?

Facebook Watch is Facebook's video-on-demand service that combines aspects of its video-sharing functionality with premium content. It allows creators to upload their own short- and long-form videos, but it also includes original comedy, drama, and news programming. The service is free, but it does require a Facebook account.

How to Use Facebook Watch?

Before you can use Facebook Watch, you need a Facebook account. While you can technically navigate to the page for a Facebook Watch show and play the video without an account, doing so will result in multiple pop-up messages prompting you to sign up for Facebook.

Once you've opened Facebook Watch, you have a few ways to find videos:

Editor's picks: Some of the most popular Facebook Watch videos are available via a large banner at the top of the main Facebook Watch site. Select the arrow on the right side of the banner to cycle through these options.

Top picks: Facebook Watch has an algorithm that attempts to find videos you'll be interested in based on your location, interests, hobbies, and videos you've watched in the past. The rest of the Facebook Watch main site is populated by these automatically chosen videos.

Search: Select the Search Video field and type the name of a show you're looking for. For instance, typing "Sorry For Your Loss" would bring up the Facebook Watch exclusive show of the same name.

Watchlist: If you select Follow on any video or show, it's added to your watchlist. You can select Latest Videos or Saved Videos in the Watchlist section of Facebook Watch to access these shows whenever you want.

Note: To download Facebook Watch video, just copy the video link and goto getfvideo.com.

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