About - Facebook Video Downloader

Facebook is the most popular social media platform which is used by thousands of users across the world to connect to each other and share life events. Thousands of videos get shared on this platform every minute. Though these videos can be watched online, there are times when we like a video and we wish to download the same. This is when our Facebook video downloader comes in handy.

Facebook Video Downloader is a web application which helps you donwload any public or private video from your facebook account. It is a simple and easy to use online tool, just copy your facebook video url and paste it in the text box and click download.

We constantly update our tool to give you better user experience, but sometimes due to technical glitches, you may sometime face some issues in downloading your favorite facebook video. We are here to help you and support you. We also tend to resolve those issues as soon as possible, we also request you to notify by writing an email to us.

Getfvideo.com is a faster and secure way to download Facebook videos online. You can download the Facebook videos without the fear of any ads or spams. No need to spend your time registering on the website or filling any forms. All you have to do is to use the video URL to download the video of your choice from Facebook in no time. So, do you like any videos you see on your Facebook timeline? Wish to download them to watch them at a later time? Do not wait, use getfvideo.com to download the videos in minutes.

Team Facebook Video Downloader